RTX Zipcore Wedge

Dexterity: R/H
Loft: 46
Bounce: 10
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Cleveland Golf have been making class leading wedges for over four decades now, and each of their new golf wedge releases are hotly anticipated by the golfing public. The Cleveland RTX Zip Core wedge is the latest offering from these masters of golf wedge design. 

The Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedge is a muscle-back wedge that features many of the technological advancements initially found in their superb CBX-2 cavity backed wedges. The idea of making golf wedges more game improvement based, and bringing them more in line with the average golfer’s iron set, was a huge step forward in wedge design. The better players however, as much as they would appreciate help from new technology, would still prefer to look down on a smaller, tour proven shape. 

This led Cleveland to bring a golf wedge to market that looked like a tour wedge but retained a lot of the CBX-2's game improvement features. The stunning looking Cleveland RTX Zip Core wedge is the result. 

By replacing heavy stainless steel in the middle of the wedge with a much lighter core they have been able to redistribute the saved weight around the head giving the RTX Zip Core a much higher M.O.I. and  9% more resistance to twisting on low and high strikes than the RTX 4. 

This has also enabled them to bring the CG much closer to the face of the wedge, really ramping up the amount of feedback and feel you receive at impact. Distance control is also improved and the change in CG brings class leading levels of spin, allowing the golfer to become far more precise with their wedge game than ever before. 

The RTX ZipCore wedge has Ultizip grooves which are another innovation from Cleveland. Using a special heat treatment process the grooves will remain sharper for longer, thereby giving the wedges much more longevity. The grooves are both deeper and closer together than on previous models which has allowed them to put an extra two grooves on the face. If it’s spin you’re looking for then this wedge is where you will find it! 

Although the head shape on the Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedge is designed to appeal to better players, it offers far more playability to golfers of a higher handicap than any wedge of this type has done before. If you are in the market for a new golf wedge then the RXT Zip Core would be a stellar choice. 

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