Epic Speed Driver

Loft: 10.5
Shaft: Project X HZRDUS Smoke IM10 5.5 (Regular)
Length & Grip: Standard
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The release of the first range of Great Big Bertha Epic Drivers back in 2017 saw Callaway catapult themselves firmly back into contention for having the best driver on the market. Filled with new technologies, the driver became hugely popular both in the bags of the average golfer, and the PGA Tour stars. It also felt entirely different than other drivers on the market, with impact producing a soft almost muted feel and an ear pleasing thud. 


Since then, each new driver range from this superb manufacturer has brought gradual improvements and refinements in both design and aesthetics. These constant advancements have  kept Callaway at the forefront of every golfer's mind when in the market for a new driver. 2021 sees the release of three new drivers from Callaway. The Epic Speed is the driver that has been optimised the most for ball speeds and distance and it delivers in spades on both accounts.  


The Jailbreak technology that made its debut in the 2017 model, has received another major upgrade. Callaway have been championing their use of Artificial Intelligence in their designs for a few years now, and the A.I. process has helped re-design the Jailbreak technology. Whilst previous iterations of it strengthened the face in a vertical direction, the new design also improves horizontal and torsion face stability, and the result is significant increase in ball speeds, especially on off-centre strikes. 


The A.I. designed Flash Face has proven itself to be more than manufacturer jargon over the past few seasons and it is present once again in the Callaway Epic Speed driver. Working in complete harmony with Jailbreak, it again helps to keep ball speeds explosive when shots are struck out of the heel or the toe. 


The Callaway Epic Speed driver benefits from a new aerodynamic shape which has been painstakingly engineered to reduce clubhead drag and increase club head speed. The crown of the driver is noticeably flatter on the head of the Epic Speed and you can undoubtedly see how this will move through the air with less resistance. Weight has been saved on the Triaxial carbon crown and this saved weight has been redistributed by the Callaway Engineers to provide extreme forgiveness. There is also a Carbon patch in the toe of the club where further weight has been saved. This light section in the toe gives the Epic Speed a slight draw bias. 


The Callaway Epic Speed is a beautiful looking driver when behind the ball at address. Even though it is the maximum 460cc size allowed under the rules, it is less squashed out than some other drivers, and this smaller footprint will lend itself to the better player's eye. The Epic Speed offers mid launch and mid spin properties and so will prove to be a versatile club that will allow more accomplished players to vary their ball flight. 


The adjustable hosel on the Callaway Epic range retains the huge bonus of not rotating the shaft when adjustments are made.Available in 9-degree, 10.5-degree and 12-degree and with a supremely clever adjustable hosel that doesn’t rotate the shaft when changes are made. This is particularly helpful if you are fan of Align or ribbed grips or you have had your shaft SST Pured. Stock shaft options are excellent – Choose from the new Project X Hzrdus Smoke Green im10, The lightweight Project-X Cypher, Project-X EvenFlow Riptide, UST Helium and the Aldila Rogue White. 


If you are in the market for a new driver that combines stunning aesthetics with explosive performance and ground-breaking technology, then the Callaway Epic Speed could well be the driver for you. Once again Callaway have produced a fantastic suite of golf clubs that will prove incredibly popular throughout the golfing world. 

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