Epic Max Fairway

Loft: 15.0
Shaft: Project X HZRDUS Smoke IM10 5.5 (Regular)
Length & Grip: Standard
Sale price£249.00 Regular price£299.99
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Callaway Epic range has now reached its third incarnation and the latest collection looks set to revolutionise fairway woods once again. Each bi-annual launch of Epic has improved significantly on its predecessor in either distance or forgiveness, but the latest launch promises to bring large gains on both fronts. The Callaway Epic Max Fairway wood is said to be longer, faster and straighter than any fairway wood that has come before it. Let’s dig into the technology and see exactly how Callaway have done it. 


The Jailbreak technology that was first seen on the original Epic back in 2017 has been redesigned using Artificial Intelligence and now sees the Jailbreak Blades spread and angle inside the club head. This not only stiffens the body up, but also causes the forged face cup to flex more and the result is explosive ball speeds from all parts of the face. Every club face in the Epic Max range is individually designed to provide the maximum ball speed possibly and excellent performance will now be achieved even on off centre hits. 


The club face is constructed with high-strength C300 Maraging steel which provides incredible strength and flexibility and as well as providing supreme levels of spin consistency across all parts of the face. The centre of gravity is adjustable on the Epic Max fairway wood using two different weight ports on the sole plate. Place the heavy weight at the front and that will bring the CG forward and produce a stronger, lower spinning flight. Place the heavier weight at the back of the head and the club will play at its most forgiving, with higher launch and higher spin. 


The Epic Max fairway wood has been constructed to play with a draw bias, but players will have no trouble moving it the other way if they so desire. At address it is a beautiful looking fairway wood, and its gloss black finish and oversized head looks extremely inviting when placed behind the ball at address. The sole of the club has a premium look to it and gives a hint to the amount of technology found inside. 


If you are looking for a new fairway wood to help take your game to the next level, then the Epic Max fairway wood could well be the one for you. With stunning aesthetics backed up by explosive performance the Epic Max fairway wood looks set to be one of the golf clubs of the season. 

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